Dr. Tanton Suggests We Link To The Ten Least Wanted Aliens
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September 20, 2003

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A "Swarthy" Doctor Says We Should Keep The White Doe

From: Dr. John Tanton

The homepage for the Bureau of Immigration & Customs Enforcement has a feature called "Most Wanted Criminal Aliens." [PDF] The current crop was updated on July 10, 2003. You should carry this as a regular public service. Maybe the Wall Street Journal would like to run it too! In living color!! 

[VDARE.COM Note: In Alien Nation, Peter Brimelow described Dr. John Tanton, ophthalmic surgeon and policy entrepreneur extraordinaire, as "a citizen who has taken up arms for his country." We will adopt his suggestion.

These fugitives are aliens who have been convicted of serious crimes, and then released into American society, while the EOIR meditates on whether a man who has committed manslaughter, forcible rape, or "lewd acts upon a child" can be deported. Many of them could legally be detained, but the government frequently fails to do so. Readers who are curious about the confluence of crime and immigration should note that several of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives are also foreigners, to say nothing of the Most Wanted Terrorists.]

Department of Homeland Security's Ten Most Wanted Criminal Aliens [pdf]

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