A CA Hispanic Names Another Minority Mortgage Meltdown Culprit—Sen. Mel Martinez
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10/11/08 Saturday Forum: An Illinois Reader Says Non-English Speaking Immigrants Should Not Qualify For Mortgages; etc.

From: Haydee Pavia (e-mail her)

Re: Steve Sailer's Column: Karl Rove—Architect Of The Minority Mortgage Meltdown

Sailer wrote:

"There's one man [Karl Rove], however, who has so far escaped any blame. Few have realized something that turns out to have been staring us in the face all along: that the mortgage mess was, in sizable measure, an outgrowth of the primary political goal of the Bush Administration."

At the end of 2002, I was asked to translate from Spanish to English an article that appeared in a Spanish language newspaper reporting on a meeting that took place at a Catholic Church in Charlotte, NC.

The guest speaker was Mel Martinez, then-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Martinez, speaking in Spanish, told the audience that he was there on behalf of a government program (HUD) that would make it possible for poor people to purchase homes.  Freddie Mac was also represented to offer mortgage loans.

"On June 24, 2002, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Mel Martinez hosted a bilingual 'Houses Without Barriers' Town Hall Meeting at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, to explain President Bush's initiative to expand homeownership among minority families. The Secretary said that more Americans, particularly minorities, should have the opportunity to share in the American Dream of homeownership.

Secretary Martinez cited several Bush Administration initiatives including (1) the American Dream Downpayment Fund, aimed at helping 40,000 families each year with down payment cost, the most common barrier to minority homeownership; (2) a tax credit for builders of single-family homes; and (3) a housing counseling program to help families through the home buying process and to educate them against unscrupulous lenders. " [HUD Secretary Reaches Out to Minorities, HUD Press Release ]

I knew then that America was in serious trouble and that someday taxpayers would end up footing the bill for these bad loans.

Although I am not an economist, common sense dictates that loans to people who normally would not qualify would eventually be a disaster.

Most likely Karl Rove and George W. Bush were hoping to get an edge for the GOP in its quest for the Hispanic vote.

But I am an American citizen of Hispanic heritage and believe me, my vote would never go to someone who panders to illegal aliens. Where did Rove get the notion that law abiding Hispanic citizens are pro-illegal immigration?

On the contrary, American Hispanics have to compete with illegal aliens for jobs. Wage and work standards have been lowered to cater to cheap alien labor.

What's more, some American Hispanics are discriminated against at work because they speak little or no Spanish!

The list is long on why American Hispanics want to deport illegal aliens.

Pavia, a third-generation American born and raised in Lima Peru, wrote previously in support of patriotic immigration reform here. Her other criticisms of illegal immigration are reported in Joe Guzzardi's 2004 column, Patriotic Hispanics.

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