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A Scientist Agrees: Thanks To Immigration, Ph.Ds Don't Pay; etc.

From:  Charles Jones

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Column: Bad News For American Workers, Students…

I am impressed by Rubenstein's article. It is one of the most succinct summaries of the current situation in scientific research I've ever read. 

As one of science's obscure foot soldiers, I want thank Rubenstein for his honesty.  Though what he says resonates with all of us in the community, few discuss it so openly. 

I love what I do for a living, but might not have taken the same course had I known about its negative impact on my financial well-being.

Ironically, those who dropped or failed out of my Ivy League Ph.D. program are now the ones with high paying jobs.  Only one out of the 15 of us who graduated has a permanent job five years later. 

Each of the 15 is earning thousands less than he would without his doctorate.  Can anyone blame young college students for not wanting to follow in those footsteps? 

I don't regret my decision, but I think it's worth exploring the causes of the decline in domestic science.

Jones holds a Ph.D. in applied physics and engineering. He is a non-permanent staffer at a national laboratory. 

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A Virginia Pastor Worries About Ruben Navarrette's Closed Mind

From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Ruben Navarrette And The Truth About "Language Lies"

Like Guzzardi, I previously had written Ruben an e-mail concerning languages and barriers.  I spent some time with it, too. He did not have the courtesy to read it but instead deleted it.  I know Navarette [ email him], deleted it unopened because Netscape's return receipt told me so.  A closed mind is hard to reach. But let's keep trying.

"Name Withheld" lives in the Richmond area where he and his wife work regular jobs to keep their two children in college. He holds a Master of Divinity Degree and is ordained.

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A Sadder But Wiser Reader Tells About His Immigration Marriage Scam

From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Lax Immigration Law The Real Villain In Nyce Tragedy

I was introduced over the internet and by phone to my now ex-Filipina wife by her aunt with whom I worked.

After nearly a year of communicating with my ex-wife and being brainwashed by her aunts who live in the U.S., I traveled to the Philippines to meet the rest of her and the rest of her family.

We married in the Philippines.

After almost a year of immigration processing, she arrived in the U.S. during late February 2005. She abandoned our marriage in early July 2005 after we had gathered all of the necessary documents for her to file for her permanent residency, social security number and job authorization.

I have not heard nor seen her since July 4, 2005.

Her aunts, who had made me to believe that I was a beloved part of their family, say that they have started legal action to prevent me from contacting them.

I realized more and more that I am a victim of a marriage scam. These ladies conned me.

I lost more than $3000 U.S.A. dollars to my ex-wife and her aunts. And I experienced extreme stress and emotional pain because of the suddenness of the overwhelming humiliation that I suffered.

I am healing and trying to move on with my life.

"Name Withheld" is thirty years older than his former wife.

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A Colorado Reader Says Immigration Brides Means Older American Women Don't Get A Second Chance

From: Terry Graham [e-mail her]

Art Bell once hosted an all night radio program, Coast-to-Coast AM.

Earlier this year Bell's wife of fifteen years, an Asian American, died suddenly. Within a few months, Art announced that he had been contacted by a young Filipina woman promising love and romance. 

Bell flew to the Philippines and promptly married her, claiming he was madly in love.  (Bell is in his early 60s.)

No doubt hundreds of thousands of American women would have jumped at the chance to date Bell. 

Bell has since moved to Manila, where he and his 4'11", 20ish wife live in a high-rise from which he broadcasts his increasingly irrelevant program.

At least he emigrated so the new Mrs. Bell stayed home.

Bell's tale—and that of Doctor Nyce, the subject of Guzzardi's column—unfortunately describes the path of so many men I know. Only the older, wiser and melancholic men who understand the approaches by these young foreign women make no sense unless one considers the $$$ goal. 

The media's constant portrayal of white American males in love with Asian women pushes our men towards this " solution" to what's missing in their lives.

This means many older American women will remain single instead of finding a companion the second time around.

Graham is a frequent contributor to VDARE.COM. Read her columns and letters here and her blogs here.

Late breaking news reported by Graham on the Bell love fest:

"An addendum.  Last night, I was listening to Art Bell's radio show, now broadcast from Manila, Philippines. 

"I was at least happy he emigrated, rather than bringing in another foreign bride who apparently didn't speak much English among other lackings.

" However, last night Bell revealed an old email trashing Filipinos, and falsely circulated under his name years ago, is showing up in the Philippines.  Bell is aware this could be very dangerous. As he said, 'They shoot journalists here.' 

"My guess is the honeymooners will soon head for the security of the U.S.  One more 'foreign bride' hits the jackpot:  America."

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