An Ohio Doctor Wishes US-Educated Doctors "Good Luck"
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From:  Tim Mount, M.D. [e-mail him]

The Catholic Hospital system in Columbus is hiring new doctors.

The problem is that they are advertising for these jobs in Indian language journals. Good luck if you are an American-educated doctor.

Unless U.S. doctors routinely read the foreign medical journals, they'll miss the opportunity to apply for the new positions being offered by Trinity Health Care that manages the three Catholic hospitals in Columbus.

THC hires foreign medical graduates who are immediately told to give American doctors a lesson in how to correctly treat illnesses. (e-mail Stephen M. Shivinsky, APR, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Relations here.)

Foreign doctors have the attitude that they are replacements for the U.S. doctors already on staff. They do not attempt to blend in with the other doctors.

I'm surprised how willing patients are to abandon their family doctors when they are at highest risk to put themselves in the hands of someone who barely speaks English.

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