On Gran Marcha Day, A Reader Plunges Into The Washington Metro—And Despair. We Offer Hope
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From: Cooper Sterling [email him]

Even for someone who has spent some 25 years living in and around D.C., Wednesday’s brief experience at Union Station, switching rail platforms in the late afternoon from the Metro to the MARC Train and encountering hordes, not exaggerating, waves of Casa de Maryland supporters, Puerto Rican nationalists, thuggish El Salvadorans, and scores of young Latino activists who gathered for yesterday’s demonstration on the Hill, was unsettling.

One could sense the hate, resentment, and overall feeling of contempt that these foreigners had for Middle American whites when making brief eye contact with them.

I can count the times when I’ve genuinely felt uncomfortable. This was one of those moments. I scrambled to get up the escalator from the Metro stop to the Starbucks inside Union Station, passing throngs of t-shirt clad Latino ethnics who knew that the future of the country belonged to them. It was an eerie feeling of despair knowing that there really is no future in this country for the descendants of our founders and the European settlers who established our national traditions, customs, and folkways. We’ve all but handed over our country to a demographic group who intend to dominate from here out.

It was a surreal experience. The future that our kids and grandkids face is one that will be full of strife, violence, predation—a largely unlivable existence as rural white enclaves vanish decade by decade, year by year.

All we can do is muster a handful of "race-blind" “conservatives.” Yet these Latino ethnic activists are motivated by blood bonds and a common purpose to transform our nation.

If the GOP continues to cave on immigration, which it will do, then our only hope is a groundswell of grassroots support for a populist uprising which would eclipse the Tea Party surge  of a few years ago. But it didn’t happen in Rhodesia or South Africa, and vast stretches of Europe and the UK have surrendered to a comparable demographic. I’m not even sure why we continue to have citizenship requirements at this point, especially considering D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray bragged to the Amnesty rally that he’d ordered officers not to check the immigration status of any criminal suspect.

It really is the“Suicide of a Superpower” as Pat Buchanan has accurately called it.

Cooper Sterling is a freelance writer in the Washington, DC area.

Peter Brimelow writes: Near the beginning of Alien Nation, on page 28, I wrote

"Current immigration policy offers another parallel with New York. Just as when you leave Park Avenue and descend into the subway, when you enter the INS waiting rooms you find yourself in an underworld that is not just teeming but is also almost entirely colored."

This was much quoted by reviewers, and is still quoted by point-and-sputter leftists.

But maybe this experience will educate Hill staffers.

Perhaps significantly, the heroic Mickey Kaus has noted, the Gran Marcha's turnout was actually rather weak.

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