A Canadian Reader Comments On The Idea Of Pilgrims As "Immigrants"—Legal Or Otherwise
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Re: James Fulford’s article Thanksgiving Is An American Holiday—It Is Not Immigration Day!

From:  A Canadian Reader [Email him]

It is absolutely ludicrous to describe the Pilgrims as "immigrants", legal or illegal. They were hardy settlers who arrived after a long, harrowing and very dangerous journey on tiny ships across the ocean.

They didn't arrive in comfortable airplanes and land in a modern airport. They had no schools, hospitals, police stations, roads, bridges, towns, cities, colleges and a vast panoply of government services or anything waiting for them, unlike the immigrants of today who enjoy availing themselves of all of these things built by the Pilgrims and their descendents.

Talk about an apples and oranges comparison! And as for the rather small and scattered Aboriginal population of what would become the USA, isn't it funny how nobody ever says there is a "right" for the whole world to invite itself to say, Mexico or Peru, where there were large populations of Amerindian civilizations that were totally shattered by the Spanish conquistadors? 

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