A Scarsdale Reader Notes Good News: Hugh Hewitt Has Flipped Back From The Dark Side
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 From: A Scarsdale Reader [Email him]

I tuned to Hugh Hewitt yesterday while driving back from the city and heard a rebroadcast from last week in which he demanded that the border fence be built before any other action is taken.

Hewitt is a Republican Establishment hack who supports amnesty except when it threatens to turn off his audience. He flipped against amnesty in 2007 and is doing so again. From Hewitt's site:

But as someone who has been debating this issue since 1994—when I campaigned up and down California against Proposition 187—a real deal fence is a requirement for me, a real two-layered fence with a map of exactly where it will be built and a construction schedule and authorizing law that blows past the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, the National Environmental Act and which funds full and fair condemnation of private land taken to build the layered fence.

Above you see two pictures of real deal stretches of fencing, and a schematic of the Israeli fencing program.  I have seen both and I have also seen the nonsense fencing that exists along hundreds of miles of our border—vehicle barriers etc. 

Without the former in the bill I will urge all of my callers to begin now and never stop opposing the Gang of 8’s deal.  I suspect the House will not pass anything when the calls start coming from outraged conservatives who believe the border security deal is a sham because it doesn’t include real fencing. 

And I cannot believe that anyone who has lived near or on the border doesn’t know the difference and doesn’t suspect the Gang of 8’s“deal” of being a sham...

[No Fence, No Deal, HughHewitt.com, April 11, 2013

James Fulford writes: The last time I talked about Hewitt, I said he has two ideas, one cowardly, and one evil. The cowardly part is where he says to we can't do anyghing about deportation because the media and the Hispanics will hate it, the evil part is where he legalizes illegal workers for Big Business, but plans to not let them vote—so the jobs of GOP pols are safe, if no one else's are.

I can only supose that this latest effusion is a symptom, as our reader suggests, of a different kind of cowardice—Hewitt must have heard that support for Amnesty has cost Sean Hannity half his audience.

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