The Tea Party, Tancredo, And The Implicit White Community
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Looks to me like the National Tea Party Convention currently under way in Nashville has got the Main Stream Media cowed. A surprisingly respectful report just appeared in the New York Times (Tea Party Looks to Move From Fringe to Force, by Kate Zernike, Feb 6 2010).

I don't see a lot of sign that immigration is being directly addressed, although Tom Tancredo got to attack voters who can't speak English (required as a condition of citizenship, but of course ignored) and was accused of (gasp!) "racism" by Rachel Maddow. But it's still early days.

Whitopia author Rich Benjamin's meme (White Racial Resentment Bubbles Under The Surface of the Tea Party Movement) may yet take hold. Our position: Benjamin is right, sort of. There is an unspoken race dimension to the Tea Party Movement, as there was to Scott Brown's Senate victory and the Palin phenomenon.

It's what you get when you try to abolish an historic nation through immigration policy. Whites, formerly known as "Americans", will band together, explicitly or implicitly, to defend their interests.

Get used to it, liberals.

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