An Anonymous Reader—A REALLY Anonymous Reader—Doesn’t Believe Italians Have Really Assimilated
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Re: Vincent Chiarello’s article Italian-Americans Accepted the Challenge Of Americanism—Why Can’t Hispanics?

From: A Reader So Anonymous, He’s In The Letter Writers’ Protection Program [Email him]

Are you serious? Was this meant to run on April’s Fool’s Day? Italian-Americans have assimilated. You’re joking right? Some Italians don’t even know they are white.

In my town if you called some Italians white they would be insulted. Italians never shut up about Italy, being Italian and their ancestors. You don’t hear people with French, German, English, Scottish, or Polish last names do that. Italians and Jews are the worst examples of assimilation.

In the town I grew up in, Stamford CT, had an Italian-American center. No other white group, besides the Jews, had this unless it was connected to the Church. By the way, no other group besides the Jews was more disliked by whites because of their arrogance and refusal to assimilate. There is no Jersey Shore equivalent for any other ethnic group in America because every other ethnicity assimilates into their local culture. I remember one time a black man asked me if I had seen Joe. There were two Joes; one white and one black. I said, “Who the white Joe?” He said, “No, the Italian Joe.”

Assimilated? Italians act so different blacks don’t even consider them white. By the way, blacks would never refer to a white guy as Irish, even though they talk about Ireland a lot, because they act white.[ note: In Boston, however, local blacks tend to think of all whites as Irish.]

In the cafeteria at school, during lunch, everybody separated by race. At the white tables, any white born in America, sat there. It didn’t matter where their ancestors came from, they sat at the white table. The Italians, of course, had to have their own special little table, even though they were all born here. Everybody who has lived with Italians knows how annoying they are—see Why I Hate Italians, by Kathy Shaidle, Takimag, October 18, 2011.

This article should be pulled. You will lose all credibility. Citing a couple of Italians (Joe Arpaio and Tom Tancredo) doesn’t prove anything, I could find two Hispanics too.

Anyone who has lived near Italians knows, that after Jews, they are the most unassimilated whites. Maybe you can fool an Englishman, paisan, but you can’t fool the rest of us. By the way I am not angry I am laughing as I type this because the premise of the article is so preposterous.

James Fulford writes: When assimilated Scottish-American immigrant Craig Ferguson has a guest say something like this on his show, he looks at the camera and says “I look forward to your letters.” This is the feeling I get here.

For the record:

A) Italians are white.

B)They are very patriotic Americans.

C) They will frequently vote Republican, if they see it’s in their economic interests.

Voting Republican doesn’t prove that they’re patriotic or assimilated—there are Democrats who are both. What it proves is that they’re not putting ethnic solidarity above politics.

Less assimilated groups continue to vote Democratic even if they’re millionaires. As with all the anonymous letters, the “Send him mail” link above goes to my email account, not the reader’s. I can only forward letters that don’t contain threats.

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