John Tanton Offers His Immigration Book To VDARE.COM Readers
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April 01, 2004

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FROM:  John Tanton

The first 110,000 copies of Common Sense On Mass Immigration are all taken, and I've just reprinted another 25,000, so we again have a stock on hand. I'd be glad to have you announce it on VDARE.COM. People can go to to see the whole booklet, and can pull down a copy if they like. Ere long a PDF version will be available.

If your readers care to send $1.00 to The Social Contract Press, 445 E. Mitchell, Petoskey, Michigan 49770-2623, we'll be glad to send a sample copy.

The most common order size we have received is for 100 copies—people are buying them to send on to family, friends, associates—just what we hoped would happen. [To order, click here].

See Peter Brimelow's essay in Common Sense About Mass Immigration.

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