Another California Teacher Says About Diversity Training That He's Seen It All Before
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12/29/07 - A California Teacher Says English Language Development Should Be On Students Time, Not Part Of The Regular School Day

From:  Eugene Wooten

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Columns: Mirrors Of Privilege—Whites Are Guilty, Case Closed and "Mirrors Of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible": A Dishonest DVD About Race In America

I offer my short story about my introduction to sensitivity training.

In the mid-1990s I was a teacher in a large California school district.

I attended mandated diversity classes at the administrative offices for several days along with some other teachers from my school.

At one point, our instructor showed us a map of the world on the wall. She stated that Africa was depicted out of scale, too small, because of racism.

I pointed out the map was a Mercator Projection representing the true scale "of the oceans" because it was a navigation map and the land masses were incidental.

That ended our discussion.

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