An LDS Reader Takes A Look At Trump Accuser Jessica Drake, Concludes His Leaders Are “Latter-Day Sissies
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Re: A Virginia Reader Asks Why Mormons Consider Themselves In A Position To Condemn Trump

From: Left Behind In Chicago [Email him]

I've been in/with the Church of Latter Day Saints/Mormons for about 15 years and can say that most LDS members are very nice, solid folks. I've also sadly noted the almost universally bad, treasonous immigration votes/policies/statements by leading LDS pols like Utah Governor Gary Herbert, Rep. Jason Chaffetz and failed GOP Presidential candidate Mittens Romney. Mitt Romney called Donald Trump a "phony" and strongly criticized Trump's "disparaging comments" about Mexican drug cartel killers and Muslim suicide bombers/ mass murderers. [Utah’s Top Mormons In ‘All-Out Revolt’ Against Donald Trump, By Michael Schwirtz, NYT,  October 9, 2016](link)

I have a close LDS friend who served his "mission" here on the South Side of Chicago—he's a clean, moral LDS Mormon, not a coward and definitely not a sissy. My friend and I agree the main problem with LDS Mormon Immigration traitors is that the political/church leadership are really.... Latter Day Sissies

They go along to get along.

The LDS political/cultural leadership is up in arms about an audio tape of an 11-year old private conversation of Donald Trump using a vulgar word. Also, a supposedly innocent woman—Miss Jessica Drake—alleged that Donald Trump once tried to hug and kiss her without her permission [Latest Trump accuser says he hugged, kissed her without permission, By Caroline Kenny, CNN, October 22, 2016]

It turns out Miss Drake is hardly an innocent young girl who’s never been hugged or kissed. She’s a hard-core pornography “actress” who has taken megabucks to perform the most degenerate forms of sex with hundreds of men, lesbians and who knows what else? Miss Drake even has a series of instructional videos teaching impressionable young American girls the secrets of fellatio!

Jessica Drake has over 300 hard core pornography film “credits” including such wholesome, family values titles as Lesbian Romance, Sinners Ball, Rocki Whore Picture Show, Pussy Sweat, and Wicked Sorceress.

Do you think the holier-than-thou LDS Mormon political leadership might oppose such perversions, instead of losing it over a private Trump locker room comment?

Miss Drake is being represented by New York attorney Gloria Allred [Email her] who seems to specialize in representing aging porn stars like Jessica Drake and Anthony Weiner’s online friend  Ginger Lee looking to blackmail and shake down politicians, all the while promoting the New York Cultural Marxist, globalist agenda.

Again, why can't the LDS Mormon leadership oppose that?

Not since the Roman emperor Caligula has the West had such a sexual degenerate leader as Bill Clinton. And since Mrs. Hillary Clinton is for all intents and purposes a godless, sexless feminist, it seems like the LDS Mormon leadership shouldn't have a hard time seeing which side is the more "Family Values" side.

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