An Irish Reader Slurs From A New Angle
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Re: A. W. Morgan’s article Catholic Layman Says: Despite The U.S. Bishops, Church Doctrine Is Not Pro-Immigration!

From: Michael Kenny [Email him]

Anybody who publicly tells Catholic bishops that they have got the Church's teaching wrong is not a good Catholic and will inspire only contempt.

That will be all the more true as regularly displays anti-Catholic bigotry on behalf of its Israel Lobby financial backers. Don't let me stop you shooting yourselves in the foot but...

James Fulford writes: Michael Kenny writes regularly to accuse us of being anti-Catholic, to accuse our Catholic writers of not being Catholic, to accuse our Irish correspondents of being bad Irishmen, and to accuse Athena Kerry of not existing. I didn’t bother to print his letter accusing A. W. Morgan of not being a real Catholic, I believe on the theory that no real Catholic would ever say anything bad about the Jesuits.  See, for example, his letter A Globalist Irish Luxembourger (Or Whatever) Doubts Has Readers In Italy (in which he refused to believe that a reader in Italy was actually…oh, never mind.)

I’m only printing this because I found the latest accusation so fascinating—that instead of engaging in old-fashioned Protestant bigotry, his usual line, we’re doing on behalf of  our “Israel Lobby financial backers.”

We have hardly any financial backers at all (send us money), those who do back us don’t represent what’s known as “the Israel Lobby”, and if they did, I doubt that they’d consider they were getting their money’s worth.

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