A Reader Says It's Time To For A Voting Rights Act Suit Against The Obama Administration—For Suppression Of The White Vote
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From: Kathy Knechtges[Email her]

We now have a clear-cut case for discrimination against whites, and current American citizens.

As the media have stated constantly, the new Democratic strategy is one based on race, similar to what was done in the South with blacks. Let as many illegals into the country as possible, and in many areas this will suppress the white vote, and the current citizen vote.

That way whites and current citizens will be disenfranchised.

To set out to suppress the vote based on race alone is illegal under the civil rights laws. What is needed is for the Justice Department and the Homeland Security Department to be sued for racial discrimination. Thousands of citizens also need to file civil rights complaints and to demonstrate. that will get their attention.

James Fulford writes: This lawsuit, although it has little chance of actual success, would make at least as much sense as the actual voting rights lawsuits that actually go throught.

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