An Illinois Reader Wants To Dump Ryan As Congressman And Speaker
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Re: James Kirkpatrick’s article  Trump Vs. Cuckservatives (And Left): No “Anglo-Saxon Legal Traditions” With No Anglo-Saxons

From: An Illinois Reader [Email him]

I am left stunned and awed after reading James Kirkpatrick’s article.  I agree with most everything if not all of his points, and love the way he  wove it all together, including adding many good links for further research.

From a little rip on NR (I approve) to pointing out the  hypocrisy of Lindsey Graham and this whole judicial ethnic thing as well. Then mentioning Victor Davis Hanson—anyone who mentions him is a friend of mine!

Paul Ryan is an embarrassment for pushing his midnight-hour Omnibus bill in late 2015, for the ridiculous comments about Trump and the KKK and now this about racism—he’s just not bright enough to be in Congress in my view…or he’s a weak vision of the perfect party elite’s lapdog.

All political positions aside,  Ryan is absolutely no Tip O’Neil and is to the Speaker’s chair, more of an Aaron Schock/Marco Rubio (Come Back When When You Grow Up Kid) than a statesman.  As bad as Ryan looks to me, he might make an excellent commentator for NR or The Weakly Standard!

These elitists, these establishment types just don’t get it…but maybe they do—their days are numbered. I’m supporting Ryan’s challenger, Paul Nehlen—even got one of those “Dump Ryan” stress busters from his campaign headquarters in Kenosha!


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