A Reader Comments On Our List Of "Homegrown" Terrorists
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Re: James Fulford's article How Many “Home-Grown” Muslim Attacks Before An Muslim Immigration Moratorium—And Expulsions?

From: A World-Travelling American [Email him]

I loved James Fulford’s article, but he missed the Pakistani shooter of the CIA employees about 15 years ago, as well as some of the attacks on the military recruitment centers and of course the two Beltway snipers.

Having worked in the Middle East I believe there are moderate Muslims, but they are cowed by the majority of Muslims who either fund, support, or otherwise condone those who engage in full-fledged bloodbaths.

Even nations with plastic men like Sweden, Denmark, Austria, France and Germany are finding the fortitude to revolt against the invasion of Muslims.   When the Muslim world tolerates other religions as equals I may accept Muslims, but having read the Koran I would trust Muslims as much as Mexican tap water or Bill Clinton’s’ vows of chastity.

James Fulford writes:  My latest piece was not  attempting a comprehensive roundup of Muslim immigrant killers, but of "home-grown" Muslim killers—the kind of people of whom Ann Coulter said

With the media, you're an "American" when you commit the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, an "Afghan" when you're applying to college. You're an "American" when you shoot up the San Bernardino community center, a "Pakistani" when you're offended by Trump's remarks. You're an "American" when you slaughter troops at Fort Hood, a "Muslim" when the Army realizes it can't fire you.

This can lead to confusion.

The Pakistani shooter of the CIA employees was Mir Amal Kansi—he was an illegal immigrant who was trying to claim political asylum,  but fired a rifle at CIA headquarters in 1993, killing two men and wounding 3, and was executed in 2002. As such, he's was not "homegrown" but an actual Pakistani from Pakistan.
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