An Illinois Reader Is Skeptical Of Our Defense Of The Police
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From: William Clough [e-mail him]

I'm not sure I agree with VDARE.COM on defending the police because they are the white power structure issue. The police state that has been set up is what is turning the country into a banana republic, and is stifling dissent.

The military and the police are the teeth of this police state, without them they couldn't get away with what they do. I'm as much afraid of them or more, than I am the black criminals.

The US has got more people in prison than any other country, and I'm convinced they are using the drug war and the war on terror to scare the public.

Shooting somebody down because he was driving with a tail light out and ran, or was selling cigarettes seems a bit much to me, even if many are petty criminals.

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James Fulford writes: The reader has a point. has been writing about police state problems and prosecutorial overreach for the past 15 years, see the work of Sam Francis, and The Death Of Due Process, by Peter Brimelow.

See also Eric Peter's How To Survive Traffic Stops in the New America: Submit, Instantly, and Taser Nation. However, almost all of these heavily promoted cases have turned out to be basically phony.

The deaths occurred not because the police were willing to kill someone over a taillight, illegal cigarettes, or even the robbery that Michael Brown had committed, but because the deceased insisted on fighting with the police.

And frequently it seems that the racial hatred involved was on the part of the deceased cop fighter—where you and I might see either an officer trying to do his job, or a bully with a badge, they see a white cop, and react with hate.

That was true not only of Mike Brown, but of Professor Henry Louis Gates,  whose reaction wasn't violent and dangerous enough to endanger the investigating officer's life, but was just as hateful.


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