A Reader Believes NATIONAL REVIEW's Apparent Flirtation With Immigration Populism Is An Election Year Sham
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 Re: John Derbyshire’s blog post More Joy In Heaven Over One Sinner That Repenteth

From: Mitchell Day [Email him ]

John Fonte wrote in National Review that

"the populist bloc has assembled a veritable counter-intelligentsia of considerable depth and sophistication." [The Conservative Populist Breakout, April 30, 2015]
Wait, what? No mention of VDARE.com?

Where are Peter Brimelow, John Derbyshire, James Fulford, Steve Sailer et. al.?

"Tucker Carlson told Sean Hannity…"
Tucker Carlson? Wasn't he the one who took down Mickey Kaus's post about the negative effects of the Fox monopoly of conservative television?
"American voters have perceived Republicans as being too close to Big Business. This widely held view certainly contributed to the hemorrhaging of working- and middle-class support for Mitt Romney in 2012."
And here's the motivation for the article. NR is afraid that the betrayal of the Republican Party base by its leadership will cost them the White House in 2016! It's true but this article is just tactical maneuvering. I don't believe that NR has experienced its conversion. I don't even think it's begun its trek to Damascus yet!

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