An Illinois Paleoconservative Suggests A DOJ Assault On Black Hate Crimes
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Re: James Kirkpatrick's James Kirkpatrick ‘s blog item Another Mike Brown Inspired Attack In St. Louis

From: An Illinois Paleoconservative [Email him]


After just reading the article by Kirkpatrick and watching the video of the beating I'm outraged. Not surprised, just outraged!

We know these things happen all the time but the stories never see the light of day. The few that do are swept under the rug like the poor "White Dude" beaten at Kroger during Halloween by a "teen flash mob".

Now this white man is beaten on a train for refusing to give up his phone or discuss Mike Brown with his would be robber. Maybe he didn't read his Starbucks cup last week?

Did you also notice no one else helped at all? Unless you count the Black Lesbian looking woman in grey who helped assault him!

When they catch these, "teens", or whatever they are calling Black gang members and rioters these days, what will come of it? I'm sure Eric "My People, Holder will not send the DOJ and 30 FBI agents to investigate like he did with a black suicide in Mississippi. It will probably never be considered a hate crime. Probably a misunderstanding or robbery gone wrong—sound familiar?

But one thing this thug can be charged with is a Civil Rights violation.

I'm sure it will be simple battery, but he took away this white man’s right to travel without being assaulted. That, my friend, is taking away his "Civil Rights". As we all know, Eric Holder has a Division just for such cases. Let's see if someone has the balls to push the issue.

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