A Reader Speaks Out For Self-Defence
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James Kirkpatrick ‘s blog item Another Mike Brown Inspired Attack In St. Louis

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

James Kirkpatrick writes

"If the man had defended himself, or if he had used a gun, the suspects in this video would be the new “Gentle Giants” and Civil Rights Heroes."

DEFEND YOURSELF ANYWAY! What have you got to lose? I take public transportation here in l.a. as I don't have a car. I carry a knife in my satchel and even a pen knife on my key chain. If those mother**ckers had started in on me at least one of them would be dead. I don't care if the god damn government comes after me, I’m not just going to just duck and cover. I will not be a coward. Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight—to the last corpuscle of blood in my veins. God damn fight!


James Fulford writes: First, our reader is not only willing to fight back, he was also perfectly willing to sign his name to this letter. It’s my decision to keep him anonymous, because I’m aware that the event of him actually getting into a serious self-defense situation, this would be used against him.

Fighting back is good, and the reader’s letter brings to mind the incident below, in which a 67 year-old white veteran is attacked by a black fellow passenger who is much younger.  (The incident has its own Wikipedia page.) The black fellow passenger is made to regret it.


Epic Beard Man, The MSM, And Citizen Reportage, By Alexander Hart, February 23, 2010

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