A Reader Says There Is No Defense Against A False Claim Of Anti-Semitism
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Re: Steve Sailer's Blog item Goldberg, Beck, Fox Piven.

From Donald [Email him]

Regarding your essay on Glenn Beck's list of malefactors, there is no defense against a false claim of anti-Semitism. By the time a defense is made, the lie has circled the globe six or eight times, and the defense never catches up.

However, depending on the context, a good offense can be very effective and has to be quick. In this case, an accusation that the author of the libel was anti-white and anti-Christian with a transparent intention to silence Beck might be effective.

In fact, any person of letters in America, not excluding the editors of Time Magazine, needs to have a counter-attack ready. (Time Magazine was just attacked because it put the word "Israelis" in an essay separated by only 13 words from the word "money.")

If you write and speak publicly, be ready with a fast and cutting response to allegations of anti-Semitism.

James Fulford writes: Thanks to reader Donald for including links to the article and the attack on it:

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