An Aussie Reader Says Australians Are Expected To Spend Their Own Tax Dollars Helping Phony "Refugees" Game The System
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From: Phil Shannon [Email him]

There's a saying, attributed to Groucho Marx, among others, that  “The key to success is sincerity.  If you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.”  If you’re not Oscar-caliber material, however, and you self-identify as a “refugee,” then you can always get a lawyer to fake sincerity for you.  That’s what thousands of Australia-bound “refugees" do each year.

A Macquarie University academic in New South Wales has analyzed the last five years’ caseload of appeals by asylum-seekers seeking to overturn an initial dismissal of their claim to asylum made by Australia’s Department of Home Affairs [The—How to Succeed in Refugee Review Cases: New Research Reveals the Factors that Matter, March 9, 2020].  He found that having legal representation was seven times more likely to result in a successful appeal than being unrepresented at an appeals hearing: Only 4% of self-represented appellants were successful but 28% of appellants who brought along a lawyer (or migration agent) struck official refugee status gold on appeal.  

The academic in question, one Daniel Ghezelbash [Tweet him/Email him] is as woke as all get out and is predictably agonized by the “lengthy and arduous” process for asylum seekers to “correct” an initial “injustice” on their asylum claim and, to right this wrong, he wants to see more lawyers involved.  He is aghast at the government’s decision to cut public funding for free legal representation for “refugees” (unlike those deplorables who question why their taxes—$46 million of it in the last three years—should go to assisting fake refugees to game the asylum system by coaching them in their fictional “refugee” story).

The woke professor breezily dismisses a parliamentary inquiry that found that people smugglers and illegal “labor hire” companies are bringing foreign workers into Australia on travel visas and then fraudulently applying for refugee protection visas, “allowing them to stay in Australia for a significant amount of time and seek employment.”  Repeated appeals can take up to eight years in total.

Of the 95,000 foreigners seeking asylum in Australia in the last five years, some 84% (the ham actors) fell at the first hurdle with rejection by the Department of Home Affairs.  Of the 18,000 rejectees who appealed, 87% were subsequently rumbled.  So, almost nine in ten refugees aren’t anything of the kind, and those who make it may just be better thespians or have the kind of lawyer that their woke academic collaborators are calling for to help the foreign frauds to bilk the system.  “Refugees” are only here as cheap labor (and welfare scroungers) to take work (and taxes) from Australians.

Phil Shannon is a veteran Australian working class socialist and, since 2016, a supporter. See earlier letters from him here.



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