A Former Border Patrol Agent Reports On The Patrol's "All Hands To The Border" Effort In The Coronavirus Crisis
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Re: A West Texas Reader Says Coronavirus Crisis Shows Gov't CAN Enforce The Border In An Emergency

From: A Former Border Patrolman [Email him]

So, they closed down the Border Patrol Academy and sent everyone back to their stations.  Agents who had three days to go before they graduated from the academy were sent back to their stations.  That means they will have to fly them back down to Artesia, New Mexico to do one last training scenario and a graduation ceremony.  At this point, it's very, very rare for anyone to flunk out this late in the academy.  They didn't send back just the Agents, but also the instructors.  

They also closed down the advanced training center in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.  This facility had both Border Patrol Agents acting as instructors, but also CBP Officers (legacy Customs Inspectors and Immigration Inspectors) teaching there.  They dispersed them all over the place at stations.  Even the CBP Officers were sent to Border Patrol Stations.  This was probably because they don't need the manpower at the bridges.  The bridges are still open to people with a valid reason for entering the United States, but not for tourism, shopping and most types of business.

Unfortunately, despite all the increased manpower, the Agents are no longer doing transportation checks.  That means they are no longer checking buses and trains for illegal aliens.  On the northern border, many stations got the majority of their apprehensions that way.  There's just not as many people trying to sneak in from Canada as there are from Mexico.  The train checks used to net illegal aliens who had crossed the southern border illegally, and also a lot of visa overstays.  

Down on the Mexican border, the detention facilities are still releasing people into the United States. In fairness, many of these illegal aliens were caught in the weeks prior to the complete shutdown.  As for the Border Patrol themselves, they are sending everyone back to Mexico.  Unfortunately, all that means is that they try again and again and again until they get past the Border Patrol.  

In studying Criminal Justice, we were taught that punishment need not be harsh, but it must be quick and it must be certain.  While they said the punishment need not be harsh, they also didn't say that the punishment should be nothing at all.  By sending them back over and over to Mexico, all the illegal aliens have learned is that the punishment amounts to "Sorry you didn't make it.  Please try again tomorrow.  Hasta la vista."  

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