An Asian Legal Immigrant Reader Says Deport Illegals, Don't Harass Legals
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From: Nazir K.  [e-mail him]

Re: Juan Mann's Column: What's In That H.R. 4437 Christmas Present? And Will the Senate Grinches Steal It?

I immigrated along with my family to the United States several years ago.  In July 2004, I applied for naturalization.   While most applications are processed in less than a year, my application has been delayed since June 8, 2005 due a FBI background check

Currently, the law states that a decision must be made on my application—either approval or denial—within 120 days of my interview.   My interview was on June 8, 2005 and, therefore, a decision on my application should have been issued no later than October 6, 2005. 

Unfortunately, I never heard again from USCIS.   I sent certified letters and I still heard nothing.  I called the customer service line and the customer service representatives couldn't even locate my application in the system!  

By the end of December I decided to file a lawsuit in Federal Court to move my application along.  But unfortunately, HR 4437, if passed, will not allow me to take my case to court.   The only option I will have left is to wait for as long as USCIS wants me to wait. 

I'm not saying that I want my background check to be waived.  I want it to be done as I have nothing to hide.   If the government thinks that I may be a possible threat shouldn't they run the check on me as soon as possible to make sure I'm not part of a terrorist sleeper cell?   An immediate check benefits the government and me.  The government can be confident that I'm not a TNT-carrying Islamic radical and I, in turn, will truly be able to call myself a proud American.

Nor am I urging the bill to be dropped altogether.  Just section 609(e)(f)(g).   I am against illegal immigration.  I'm against those who provide any support whatsoever to illegal immigrants (I even turned in my girlfriend's sister for marrying her cousin in Cambodia so that he could get a green card.  In the end he was still successfully able to come to America…the irony, let the illegals in, harass those like me who abide by the law!).  

I'm also against government agencies—federal, state, and local—for providing services in any language other than English (I speak English, thousands of other immigrants take the time to learn English prior to their arrival, so why can't all immigrants learn English?).

I think there should be a concrete wall (not a fence) along the U.S.-Mexican border.  While it's being built, a few mines should be place along it too.   Round up illegal immigrants and put them in detention centers like the Australians do.  Charge the cost of feeding and clothing these detainees to their own governments (just subtract it from any foreign aid loan or grant).  

The government should issue national ID cards to every citizen.  Show this or a valid green card to be eligible for employment, a driver's license, or any sort of government support.   Don't have it, too bad.  Go back home and try coming here the legal way.

Pass the bill.  But pass it to punish those who have broken the law.  Don't punish or harass those who came to this great country legally to benefit themselves and the nation.   

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