A Reader Reports What Mexicans Learn In School About The Mexican-American War
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From: Frank Kurucz: [e-mail him] 

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Enough Already About the Mexican-American War   

I am not at all surprised that Joe Guzzardi's student "Gustava" dwells on the alleged theft of Mexican territory by the US. I lived in Mexico in the 1970s and attended elementary and middle school in Mexico during that time. 

The reason for Gustava's attitude is that she was taught (as all Mexican school children are) that the US stole the southwest from Mexico. This so-called fact is hammered in repeatedly during elementary and secondary school. 

Still, there is irony. A joke that I heard more than once in Mexico goes: "What was Santa Anna's biggest mistake?"  Answer:  "He gave only half of Mexico to the US". Needless to say, this joke isn't funny if a gringo tells it.

Joe Guzzardi writes: Allan Wall, our VDARE.COM Mexico-based editor confirms this. In an e-mail to me, Allan wrote, "My observation is that, while most Mexicans have a poor grasp of Mexican history, that's one historical event they do know about."

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