Rob Sanchez Confronts Tamar Jacoby; She Cuts and Runs
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A California Reader Asks the Same Question as Joe Guzzardi

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Tamar Jacoby, The End is Near!

From: Rob Sanchez

Joe Guzzardi sure got it right on Tamar Jacoby – except he was being too kind.

I listened to Jacoby's drivel last year during the Southwest Conference on Illegal Immigration that was put on by County Attorney Andrew Thomas in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jacoby was very manipulative the way she pretended to be in favor of more border enforcement. After some tough sounding talk about protecting our borders she proclaimed that it's in our national interest to give guest worker visas to every alien who wants one. Her alarmist rants included babble that the economy of the U.S. cannot possibly survive without a continuing flood of exploitable immigrants.

Jacoby justified the hiring of illegal aliens by saying, "I think we have to accept the reality that we need an unskilled labor force of the kind we're not generating in this country anymore."

After Jacoby finished her speech I confronted her and introduced myself as Rob Sanchez, a Hispanic concerned with controlling our borders. Latino activists and journalists surrounded Jacoby.

Disarmed, Jacoby knew she made the wrong assumption that all Hispanics were her friends. I went for the jugular before she knew what hit her! I called Jacoby an elitist racist who wants to exploit Mexican slave labor. The tone of my voice was loud enough for all of those nearby to hear.

Jacoby was in shock but made a meek attempt at defending herself. The Mexican activists by her side jumped in to defend her but I held my ground and insisted that she was an East Coast elitist who thinks that Mexicans are nothing but cheap labor for rich gringos.

Pursing her lips, Jacoby told me that it was a pleasure to meet me, and then did an abrupt turn and walked away. She actually cut and ran!

When confronted with the truth, the Manhattan Institute pooh-bah couldn't handle it.

The Tamar Jacoby's of the world need to be confronted so for now on let's call them what they are – RACISTS!


Rob Sanchez (email him) is a Senior Writing Fellow for Californians for Population Stabilization and author of the "Job Destruction Newsletter" (sign up for it here) at Sanchez is also a columnist for VDARE.COM

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