A Virginia Reader Calls Blair-Villaraigosa Agreement On Atmospheric Gases Hot Air
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From: Vincent Chiarello [e-mail him]  

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Marxist Mayors Team Up To Save The Planet (cough, cough)

In reading Walker's account of British Prime Minister Tony Blair and London Mayor Ken Livingstone's visit to California, my eye caught something that might worry a Constitutional lawyer: violation of the treaty-making powers.

Walker writes that Livingston and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are expected to sign city-to-city agreements aimed at reducing gases that pollute the atmosphere. 

Unless Holland vs. Missouri (1920) has been overturned, the proposed agreement, viz., a treaty, is the sole power of the legislative branch of the federal, not state or local, government. The Supreme Court ruled that Missouri could not enter into an agreement with Canada concerning migratory birds. Why, therefore, should Los Angeles be allowed to sign an agreement with a foreign entity concerning greenhouse gases?

As Walker accurately summarized, this orchestrated display of pomp and circumstance is nothing but a photo-op; surely, nothing substantive can come from it even if it were legal.

Thee real problem is immigration—the uncontrolled population migration south to north and the indifference of federal and state officials to end it.  

More people mean more cars, more drivers and more pollution.

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