An Arizona Reader Fears That Young Hispanics May Become America's Version of Suicide Bombers
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From: Lorrie Pittman

Re: Juan Mann's Column: Do Reconquistas Already Run Federal Immigration Bureaucracy?

I'm worried that a perfect storm is being created wherein hysteria-peaked Hispanic youth may become the American spin-off of Middle Eastern suicide bombers. 

A high school pep rally-type frenzy fans these kids into a delusional state of mind, fanned by the media attention they are receiving.

The young Hispanics have been molded into perfect recruits for radicals. They have been stoked with misinformation of revisionist history and victimization. Can mass violence in the form of ethnic-based killings be far behind?

Today's students in Los Angeles and Phoenix are first generation proof of what goes wrong with unchecked multicultural lunacy.

We are no more than a stone's throw away from chaos.
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