Groundhog Day, 1986
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Am I the only one who feels stuck in a nightmarish Time Warp — from 1986? That almost no one in the MSM or Beltway has learned the slightest thing in the 20 years since the Reagan Amnesty about the pervasive and destructive effects of unrestricted immigration?

We who actually live in America see the increased crime, failing schools, encroaching sprawl and the remarkable arrogance of the invader. But elites continue to regard illegal aliens as potential cheap gardeners.

One major irritant is the endless message loop that rewarding illegal aliens Is Not Amnesty.

Instead of engaging in an eye-glazing Is-Is Not debate, we should ask who will be better off under the proposed legislation — the would-be legal immigrant patiently waiting his turn at home or the lawbreaker allowed to remain in this country and earn American wages.

We all know the answer, right?

No responsible teacher would allow a child who had cut in line to keep his advantage, yet the Senate intends to send the message that cheating works.

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