A California Reader Says It Is Not Jobs Americans Won't Do but Spanish They Don't Speak
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From: Victoria Bartholomaus [e-mail her]

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Column: A Cold February For White Workers

Here in southern California, I am observing the Spanish language employment takeover. 

I left Miami in 1973 because I was not bilingual and chose to move rather than adopt Hispanic culture.  I ran but now there is nowhere to hide. 

This is the California employment scene: those coming for jobs are savvy and know how to advance into higher paying jobs quickly by first becoming bilingual. Often that can mean as little as 30 words of English or less. No one tests so no one really knows.  

As soon as they acquire bilingual status, the first opportunity in personnel is theirs because of EEOC guidelines.  These employees are keenly aware of their civil rights.

Next, the hiring is done by those who only hire or promote others of same background.  

The biggest division I see at work is language.  Those who share Spanish as their common language are always working for the benefit of their own.  When an opening occurs, those in a very tight circle fill it ASAP.

Now wherever I go—offices, hospitals, restaurants,—Spanish speakers have all the jobs.

Hispanics did this in Miami, too. Is it their template?

It is not because I will not do the work because I have applied at nursing care facilities and motels. Once someone threw my application in the garbage when I left.

Another time, person I offered my application to shook her head and told me to leave it if I wanted. But I read her disgust with me as a white, English speaker.

The deceit inside the employment offices is beyond the pale.   I know there is nothing I can do.

Within one generation, being bilingual will be a requirement for employment nationwide.

Sign me sad and sorry in California.

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