An Idaho Reader Wonders If We Can Expect Torched Cars à la France
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From: Pete Brittain [e-mail him]

Re: Steve Sailer's Column: Four Immigration Myths and the Credulous Media

What do you think the prospects are for France-like riots if the illegal aliens in the U.S. and their facilitators think they have the upper hand?

La Gran Marcha had 500,000 peaceful demonstrators in LA. They got headlines and weasel word comments from the politicians. What will happen next time? 

A half million willing supplicants following their radical leaders is a real threat. If the organizers tell them to burn cars, they're gonna burn cars.

If I still lived in Orange County, I'd keep my car in the garage

There's a scary connection between what happened in France and what could happen here.

In France, the rioters are unassimilated migrants with low paying jobs. 


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