An Angry Reader Wants To Abandon Our "Vendetta" (Actually Contempt) For NATIONAL REVIEW
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Re: Patrick Cleburne’s blog item The Lowry/Kristol Odd Couple Stunt: What Do They Fear?

From: Charles Dyer [Email him]

We need allies where we find them in our struggle against amnesty. Have you been reading NR recently and especially NRO? Today they have an excellent article by Jeff Sessions. (And  excellent articles recently by  Heather Mac Donald, O'Sullivan, Steyn etc.).Quit parroting Peter Brimelow, who  continues to live in 1997, carrying on his petty little vendetta against NR.

Patrick Cleburne writes: Sadly, it seems the analysis advanced in my blog was too sophisticated to the childish team sports mentality of this reader.

That the corrupt Lowry and evil Kristol have turned up on the Patriotic side this time merits explanation. And if they are here because they fear losing traction with their funding sources after the GOP is consigned to oblivion, or because they fear losing their credibility with the grassroots, both reasons are heartening to Patriots.

Nevertheless, as John Derbyshire noted today the Lowry/Kristol essay is laced with poisonous concessions to the Treason Lobby. They did not for instance raise any objection to the wrecking of the market for new graduates—the Zuckerberg-type money speaks too loudly.

 Furthermore we need to ask: why are we in this desperate situation?

We are in it because on previous occasions naïve persons like our reader accepted the assurances of the Frauds at face value and consequently let them go straight back to betraying the country—as the NR endorsement of McCain in 2010 so painfully exemplifies.


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