An American Reader Defends the British National Party – And Immigration Reform.
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January 30, 2003

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From: Eric Hilf (email him)

"Britain On The Brink"? [by Anthony Browne] On the brink of what? Britain couldn't even get the illegal entry staging camp at Sangatte in France closed without agreeing to accept 1200 "asylum seekers".

"...the highest position it [the British National Party] has ever held in a country normally very wary of fascism"?

I don't know about this. This is what we hear all the time - the BNP is just a bunch of fascists. Or racists. Or xenophobes. Take your pick. I don't think it's helpful to repeat this smear on VDARE.COM.

You can check out what the BNP stands for by visiting their web site. I think many readers of VDARE.COM will find themselves in agreement with some of their policies.

I for one will believe in meaningful change only when I see it. In the U.S., despite the hoopla over the inaptly-named "Homeland Security" department, the flood of illegals (and just who are they? where do they come from? what are their intentions?) continues. No mention from the Administration of any meaningful effort to stop it. None.

In the last week I have even seen an Arizona Daily Star editorial (albeit a childishly-written one) imply that efforts to stop illegal immigration, deny benefits to those here illegally, and oppose acceptance of the Matricula Consular card, are racist - as well as seeing the better-late-than-never attempt to register and track aliens from countries known to produce terrorists described as racial profiling. ("New Battle On Civil Rights Front," by Emily Bazar, Sacramento Bee, January 20, 2003).

The smearing of any discussion of immigration in this way has been very successful. And many more people see these sorts of sentiments than the common sense and counter-arguments that appear on VDARE.COM.

So I'm not holding my breath.

But I am hoping.

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