An American Engineering Student Explains How Romney Systematically Erased Every Conceivable Reason He Would Have To Vote For Him
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From: An Anonymous American Engineering Student [Email him]

I'm an engineering graduate student at a prestigious university, and been reading for about the past 4 or 5 years.

This election, I simply could not pull the lever (touch the screen?) for Mitt Romney. His cravenness before the slam-dunk-winning illegal immigration issue, the Obamnesty, the naked criminality on display in The Fast and the Furious scandal, his refusal to support the Chick-Fil-A protest buycott, and lastly the hated Affirmative Action, made him simply repellant to me. Obama may want to give amnesty to illegals, but Romney wants to import all of Asia to compete against me, utterly diminishing the worth of my long hard and fought for (heh, still fighting for!) degree.

The Spanish language television ad he aired promising amnesty ("immigration reform" or whatever it was) was the final straw.

He practically erased every conceivable reason I would have to vote for him, step-by-step.

The most frustrating thing about the illegal immigration issue, is that it is open to assault from virtually every angle. Amnesty and open-borders are an utterly indefensible position, despised by the American electorate. It is a winning issue, that the Obamacrat Left is unable to mount any defense against, except blabbering the r-word. The sole weapon at their disposal is intimidation—and it appears to have worked. Peter Brimelow in a YouTube video once compared the Left's tactics to those espoused by Clausewitz, and his comparison seems quite apt. The Left does indeed appear to have moral hegemony over the Republican Party leadership.

I voted for Gary Johnson as a protest vote. While Gary would probably have gone for an amnesty, his economic forms were far more palatable—and more likely to be pursued, given Romney's chameleon-like track record. Maybe the GOP will get the message in 2016, that they can't win without us, and will need to get a man with far more spine and brains than Mitt Romney.

That is of course, hoping that in 2016 they can still win with us.

The reader lives in a non-swing state—his protest vote is in no way responsible for President Obama's second term.

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