A Pennsylvania Reader Says Liberals Are Destroying American History To Express Their Dominance
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Re: Peter Sayles’s article The Closing-Down of British Studies in the American Mind 

From: Dave Shanken [Email him]

I read  Peter Sayles’s informative article. While I don't disagree with your facts or your analyses, I think that there is an overarching issue that is unmentioned: The liberals have won. Liberals now dominate in America, not just in schooling, but in politics/government, mass communications, and entertainment.

In tribal warfare, the first action of a conquering enemy was often destroying the god images of the vanquished, and erecting the images of the conqueror's gods.

When a male mouse defeats the dominant male, and becomes the new dominant male, his first act is overscenting the scent markings of the defeated male.

Thus these liberal historiographic perversions are traditional mammalian behavior.

Peter Sayles writes: I agree Dave Shanken’s  assessment of our current situation but disagree with his  idea that I left it unmentioned. I did refer to leftist academics several times within my piece.

In terms of the conquerors erasing the conquered's symbols, just look at the central square in Harare (Salisbury) in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). There used to be a large statue of Cecil Rhodes there; no longer!


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