An American Defense Worker Asks: "Why Shouldn't Americans Inform On Illegals?"
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Re: Federale's blog post George Will Wrong To Think DHS Would Need A “Network Of Informers” Deport Illegals–Their Addresses Are On The Government Checks!

From: An American Defense Worker [Email Him]

I must take exception to Federale's dismissal of a "network of informers modeled on Stalinism." The post-1965 Immigration Wave is a serious challenge to the American people. Why shouldn't ordinary citizens work to aid in repulsing this challenge? Citizen activism used to defeat the post-1965 Immigrant Wave is not Stalinism, but high patriotism.

During the War of the Rebellion, nearly 2.5 million men joined the Union Army and they were supported by millions more citizens in factories, farms, and hospitals. American Red Cross founder Clara Barton was one of them. As that generation rallied from the hillsides and gathered from the plains, so can we. [ note: We suspect our friend is gently trolling our Confederate readers--pay it no mind, we're all on the same side now.]

On a practical note, an elite law enforcement agency cannot be the only player in this conflict. Giving the broader society a place alongside the DHS means that the DHS cannot be singled out as the "bad guys" via Treason Lobby propagandists and the broader society gets a meaningful stake in victory


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