A PA Reader Defends Columnist Paul Craig Roberts
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From: Sean

Re: Saturday Forum Letter: A Reader Pledges Loyalty To VDARE.COM—Despite Paul Craig Roberts

I applaud Paul Craig Roberts as a true American.  It is refreshing to find there are still real, old school conservatives left.

Roberts is not a crackpot. Nor are his writings bizarre. I have emailed links to his articles to many people (upwards of 200 people) and they all have thanked me immensely for informing them of the machinations of our government.  They in turn have all emailed their friends.

People who criticize Roberts are just pro-government sycophants who do their country a disservice by swallowing propaganda uncritically.  Roberts is an insider who understands the workings of government more than any of his critics, especially since most of them have never worked for the government.

If VDARE.COM stopped posting his articles, I would no longer read your site. Many others I know feel the same.

Roberts is a bastion of integrity and a true patriot.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Sean's letter is one of dozens we have received both in support of and opposed to Paul Craig Roberts. Over the next few weeks, we will post as many as possible.

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