A West Texas Reader Shares A "Horrible Thought" About The Coming Invasion
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Re: James Kirkpatrick's blog Worse Than Invasion–German Villagers In Lower Saxony Told Their Home Now Belongs To Migrants

A West Texas Reader [Email him]

While reading James Kirkpatrick's blog piece about Lower  Saxony a horrible thought occurred.

What if the usual suspects in the USA become copycats? What if they are hoping to exploit the instabilities in Mexico to stoke widespread strife, manufacture a refugee crisis, and use Mexican, and Central American "refugees" to kick Americans out of our homes the way Angela Merkel and her ilk are using the "refugees" to kick German citizens our of their homes?

This is already happening to a degree with Obama's Kidinvasion, and with neighborhoods and small towns inundated by illegals so that Americans flee for safety. But it could be made to be much worse.

See an earlier letter from the same reader.

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