A Washington State Reader Notes An Easing In The Shortage Of Nurses—Apparently Professional Nursing Is A Job That Americans Are Willing To Do
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From: Robin Corkery [Email him]

VDARE.com readers may remember dire warnings of a U.S. nursing shortage in the nineties and 2000s, accompanied by excited politicians claiming we needed to import tens of thousands of foreign nurses. Otherwise American patients would soon be dying unattended on gurneys in hospital parking lots.

It turns out the shortage, such as it was, has produced a large supply of people studying to become nurses. American people. See Study finds nursing shortage may be easing | e! Science News, December 5, 2011.

In my cynicism, I had thought the chorus of hospital administrators clamoring for foreign nurses wanted them because they expected them to be grateful and docile, unlike the assertive American variety with their incessant demands for better wages etc.

In any case, American patients will now have a fairly good chance of interacting with nurses who, among other things, speak colloquial American English.  

Robin Corkery is a longtime friend of VDARE.com —see his letter on leafblowers and disparate impact.

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