A Utah Reader Says Foreign Nurses May Be Dangerous To Your Health
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From A Reader In Utah:

I am employed in the financial services profession in Utah. This is the first time I have written to your excellent publication. If you decide to publish my letter then I ask that you do not print my name and e-mail address.

I recently was given an injection for a viral infection by a Filipino nurse whose knowledge of English was so poor that she misunderstood the doctor's instructions. The incorrect injection that she gave me caused an allergic reaction that was more severe than the viral infection was!

Afterwards, I was completely convinced that this Filipino nurse was an illegal alien. But then when I complained to the doctor's office, the staff manager proudly told me that the nurse was here legally on an H-1b visa.

I have researched this issue and found that there are other citizens who have had similar difficulties. To make matters worse, I have recently learned that Congress and Big Business want to increase the number of H-1b visas and employment-based green cards so that even MORE of these parasites can be imported!

These days, the corporate media always seems to be laced with sob stories about the "injustices" faced by foreign nationals who migrate to America. These include stories of "undocumented" migrants who have to endure the hardship of "living in the shadows" in lieu of amnesty, as well as the plight of the so-called "highly skilled" H-1b aliens who are stuck in the lengthy green card process.

But what about the American citizens whose lives are being shattered by the problems associated with illegal aliens, H-1b visas, green cards and other forms of mass immigration? Do our lives matter at all, or are we merely living sacrifices on the altar of globalism?

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