A Reader Remembers A "Racist" Anti-Noise Campaign
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10/16/07 - A California Reader Notices The First Blow Against Christmas

Re: James Fulford's blog Double Standards For Minorities

From: Robin Corkery (email)

These stories recall the effort of the Americans in LA who tried for reasons of noise and air pollution to limit the use of leaf blowers some 20 years ago. In no time, there was an uproar from race hustlers, who said this was racist because most gardeners who used leaf blowers were brown. Completely overlooked was the fact that relatively few whites living outside Beverly Hills had gardeners, and the proposed legislation would have equally affected them. The situation may have been aggravated by the appearance of the leader of the anti-leaf blower movement, the tall, Nordic looking Julie Newmar.

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James Fulford writes: If Kool cigarettes  and seatbelts can have disparate impact, the leafblowers are no problem. More on disparate impact later this week.

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