A Reader Suggests That Federal Attacks On Joe Arpaio Are Tied To The "Fast And Furious" Gunwalking Scandal
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Re: Federale’s Blog Item The Real Purpose Of The DOJ Lies About Sheriff Arpaio

From: Grey Stalwart [email him]

The primary target of the federal "civil rights" lawsuit against Joe Arpaio is Holder's Fast and Furious scandal. Obama and his minions are desperate for something to thwart its building momentum. They are taking a great risk attacking a man with a badge in light of the high profile law officer deaths tied to Fast and Furious. The symbolism is very unlikely to work in the administration's favor.

I would bet my sacred 2012 voter's registration card that this case has been meticulously scheduled to end just before 6 November if the outcome appears favorable for Obama and just after if not. Readers should remind themselves daily that he is campaigning, not just carrying out the duties of office.

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