A Washington State Reader Asks If Mexican Rapist Deserved A "Path To Citizenship"?
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From: Bill Caudill (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Dangerous Mexican Criminal Was Deported 9 Times (But Never Arrested)

Until nine-times-deported illegal alien rapist Jose Lopez Madrigal was arrested, the Obama-Reid-Pelosi coalition would have described him just another poor Hispanic male hopelessly trapped in the shadows who deserves a path to citizenship.

The amnesty-minded Democrats would have insisted that our Washington State economy couldn't survive without him. Who, after all, would pick the apples and cherries?

In reality, Madrigal is a career criminal whose most minor offense is entering the U.S. illegally multiple times. As bad as illegal entry is, it pales in comparison to rape, sexual assault, drug trafficking and robbery.

When will Congress wake up?

Caudill's previous letter about how diversity destroyed the Seattle Mariners is here.

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