A West Virginia Reader Celebrates The Departure Of His Treasonous U.S. Representative
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From: Paul Herbert (e-mail him)

Little noted in the fuss over the primary loss of longtime Pennsylvania Republican/Democrat immigration champion Senator Arlen Specter was the important defeat of another open borders advocate, West Virginia's Democratic Congressman Alan Mollohan who earned an F-grade during his twenty-six year Congressional career.

State Senator Mike Oliverio ousted Mollohan—now only the second House incumbent to lose in the last two election cycles. The other is immigration- enthusiast and former Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah. Oliverio is described as a "conservative" Democrat. [Rep. Mollohan Loss Signals Possible Trouble for Dems, By Chad Pergram , FoxNews.com, May 12, 2010]

In West Virginia, immigration isn't a big issue—yet. But jobs are and Mollohan did nothing to keep illegal aliens from getting them at the expense of American workers.

Mollohan's defeat portends more bad news for the liberal agenda in November.

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