A Pennsylvania Reader Says White House/Sestak Dilemma Is Easily Solved—"Tell More Lies"
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From: J.J. McDonnell (e-mail him)

Re: Michelle Malkin's Column: Look Who's Behind The White House/Sestak Stonewall

If it is true that the Obama administration offered a bribe to Pennsylvania U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak to withdraw from his primary race against Senator Arlen Specter, that's a violation of federal law.

If you believe Sestak is telling the truth then, somebody in the White House is lying.

But the solution to this awkward situation is easy and well known to politicians— tell more lies!

Instead of insisting that no "inappropriate" conversations took place between the White House and Sestak, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs should say, yes, after a complete review of the files, we remember that we did offer Sestak a job as Navy Secretary.

Then Gibbs should add that Sestak was approached only because he is the most qualified man for the job and not because Obama wanted him end his challenge to Specter.

Sestak, who doesn't want to start his Senate career on the outs with Obama, can then confirm the White House version, thus adding to the pack of lies.

That way, everyone is off the hook. And the cycle of deceit from the Obama administration continues uninterrupted.

McDonnell is retired from what he describes as "a very high level" position in municipal government at a major American city. His previous letters about Specter are here and here.

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