A Nevada Reader Wonders If Harry Reid Is Of "Sound Mind"
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From: George Crowe (e-mail him)

Re: Washington Watcher's Blog: Harry Reid Not Opposed To Sex…or Importing Workers

 I'm no fan of Harry Reid but in fairness to him he may have misunderstood the question.

More likely it was: "What are you doing to discourage pregnant immigrant women of child-bearing age from coming to the United States."

The interesting angle is if Reid misunderstood because he is not of sound mind. Why else would he start talking about sex and give "a shout out" to Tiger Woods, a disgraced human being.

Five years ago, Reid suffered what was described as "a mild stroke" Maybe the consequences of that explain Reid's odd Senate behavior where he relentlessly pursues an amnesty for illegal aliens even though his career is on the line. [Sen. Reid Reports Suffering a Mild Stroke, Associated Press, August 9, 2005]

Crowe lives in Reno where he works for a major hotel.

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