A WA State Baseball Fan Says Diversity "Destroyed" His Seattle Mariners
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From: William Caudill (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Blog: Peter Gammons, ESPN Baseball Analyst, Is Big Idiot

I thought of Guzzardi's blog while I was watching my hapless hometown favorites, the Seattle Mariners.

As I send this letter off to you, the Mariners are in last place in their division and have one of the worst records in Major League Baseball.

The Mariners are a collection of mediocre players from every corner and culture in the world.

The team's many problems, according to a recent story, include the players' inability to communicate with each other and their unwillingness to set aside cultural differences in an effort to get along better—and win a game now and then. [Cultural Differences Don't Hurt Unity of Team's Clubhouse, M's Insist, By Geoff Baker, Seattle Times, May 15, 2008]

According to the report: 

"With players from 10 countries and territories, speaking five native tongues and a multitude of regional dialects, the Mariners have been hailed for looking beyond a player's birthplace and judging them strictly on talent alone.

"And with that infusion from Cuba, Venezuela, Japan, Australia, Curacao, the Dominican Republic, Korea, Puerto Rico and Canada, come challenges other teams won't always face. The Mariners have met some of those head on, whether it's employing interpreters, hiring trainers and coaches from other countries, or holding language and cultural acclimatization classes for their youngest prospects."

The Hispanics huddle in one corner of the clubhouse watching television, the Japanese are in another reading magazines, the lone Korean sits in front of his cubicle understanding nothing that is said around him and the American players have their own clique.

Diversity has destroyed team cohesiveness, an essential element in winning baseball.


Caudill is a long-suffering Mariner fan.

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