A Washington D.C. Lawyer Says Senator Schumer Lies About Immigration Reform Patriots To Make His Amnesty Case
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From: Charles Black (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Schumer Holds Rigged Amnesty Hearings. Joe Still Not Alarmed

In the rigged Senate Judiciary hearings that Guzzardi wrote about, and which I attended, Chuck Schumer said:

"For years now, opponents of immigration reform have continually promised that they will engage in a conversation about immigration reform once Congress showed it was serious about securing the border. Our witnesses will confirm today showing that has clearly been made." (See it on the C-Span archive here.)

Really? Citation, please?

No "opponent of immigration reform" has ever "promised" that we will "engage" in any such "conversations".

None of the major Beltway immigration-reduction organizations—NumbersUSA, Federation for American Immigration Reform or Center for Immigration Studies—have ever suggested as much.

Certainly, no one from the VDARE.COM editorial collective has written anything similar to what Schumer attributes to us.

I don't recall Senator Jeff Sessions or U. S. Representative Lamar Smith saying they are willing to broker a deal—border security in exchange for amnesty

When the other side resorts to cheap lies to move its amnesty agenda along, it's a sign we have them on the run.

Black describes himself as a Democrat who is "100 percent" on our side of the immigration debate. His previous letter about Congressional Democrat Barney Frank, who also plays fast and loose with the truth, is here.

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