A South Carolina Baseball Dad Predicts That Soon Americans Will Stop Watching The Game
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From: Gair Alley (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's column: Bad News Baseball: Yuma Scorpions' American-Born Players Displaced By Imported Colombians

I'm a baseball dad with engineering and MBA degrees. If, as Silicon Valley shills claim, the "best and brightest" are what they want in my field, then why aren't there a ton of Japanese engineers in the U.S? Japan leads in several technologies and has great universities.

Maybe it's because the Japanese would not accept less money than they are worth and demand instead to be highly paid.

So we are stuck with lower-paid Third Worlders who can be easily coerced instead of acquiring talent equal to that of Americans.

The baseball issue has parallels. As major league baseball franchises turn over American youth for foreign-born players and thereby put a diminished product on the field, they will probably see the decline of their fan base similar to the NBA attendance drop, created in part by its 100 percent black player rosters.

Sooner or later baseball's catering to Caribbean players will catch up with them and American's will stop watching.

Carlson is a native Californian who fled to South Carolina to avoid sprawl and the Mexican takeover.

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