A Washington D.C. Insider Explains Harry Reid's Amnesty Strategy
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From: Bob Porterfield (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column:  Obamesty, Shamesty—Harry Reid Is Toast

Guzzardi wrote:

"Keeping up with the various daily Obamnesty status reports coming out of the Beltway has become impossible."

Here's what's going on with Harry Reid and his mouthing off about comprehensive immigration reform.

Reid knows as well as anyone in Congress that there is no stomach for the debate. There still is not a Senate bill drafted.

But Reid hopes that if he talks amnesty up long and loud enough, he'll be able to campaign on his commitment to it and blame the failure to go forward on the Republicans.

Reid's strategy is risky since there are plenty of Nevadans opposed to amnesty. But since he's ten points behind his most likely Republican challenger Sue Lowden, Reid has to roll the dice.

Porterfield, a political analyst, wrote previously about Lou Dobbs.

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